Zelda: Legend of Link — Volume II (The Finale!)

Much to my surprise, the second half of this amazing hack went by much quicker than the first. This video contains only two sessions (which you can access easily from the built-in menu feature I added on YouTube), the first of which includes Levels 5, 6, 7, and 8, as well as a fair bit of exploring. After that, the final segment is simply Ganon’s Lair and the final (epic!) boss fight.

All-in-all, I can say that I’m thoroughly impressed with this game. Infidelity, the designer of this hack, did a fantastic job putting it together. If you’re a fan of the Zelda games at all, this one is definitely worth checking out!

Version 3.2 seems to be the final update for this hack, so you can snag it for yourself completely free and enjoy it today!

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