New Torchlight Let’s Play by Allahweh!

Not super long ago, I received a copy of Torchlight II on Steam from a friend of mine. I was tempted to immediately jump into it, but I’ve actually had a copy of the original Torchlight sitting in my account for some time. I’ve heard the games were quite different, and that it didn’t matter whether you played the original before you played the second game, but I still felt that it wasn’t right to play them out of order. Thus, I thought it might make for another good modern Let’s Play series (or modernish, since the game was originally released in 2009).

This is being recorded with the AMD Gaming Evolved app at full 1080p and at 60 FPS. I know that YouTube is only experimentally rolling out 60 FPS and, from what I can see, the actual upload quality seems to currently play at around the standard 30 FPS. So, not quite as smooth as the source video on my computer, yet I do hope that when 60 FPS is rolled out for all users, the raw file allows the player to push a full 60 FPS to the viewer. Meanwhile, since the video does come out smoothly regardless, I’ll continue recording this at 60 FPS just for the sake of future-proofing it.

This first video marks me getting through the first major area and fighting the first real boss. So far, I’m liking the game and how it bears resemblance to Gauntlet Legends and certainly to the Diablo games.

I hope you all enjoy this! Stay tuned for more!

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