Awesome is a Color! Interview with Glitter Jedi Jaimie Cordero

Jaimie Cordero, aka The Glitter Jedi, is the founder of the geek-tastic nerd makeup company Espionage Cosmetics. Espionage has really taken off, especially after their first nail wraps Kickstarter. Nail wraps are basically nail stickers that last for about two weeks with a clear top coat, and theirs featured so many different nerdy designs, like Legos, TMNT, tentacles, to name a few.

They’re actually currently running their second Kickstarter, “Nailed It! But wait…there’s MOAR,” to fund their second line of nail wraps. I’ll talk a little more about these later in the article.


Before Jaimie became the creator and ambassador of all that is glittery and geeky, she was a professional makeup artist. She always wanted to create a makeup line that wasn’t off-putting. Through her experience as a professional makeup artist, she found a lot of people were intimidated by makeup.

Jaimie grew up as a closeted nerd. When she was deciding what to do with her life, she let the urge to “be an adult” take over, which is why she became a professional makeup artist. But living and working outside of a geeky industry was just boring.

“When my brother Joey passed away four years ago…he was the nerd of our family, and when he passed away, I came out of the nerd closet. I decided at that point, ‘what is stopping me from doing the things I love all of the time, instead of waisting time doing things to impress people that I don’t really care about?'”

From that impetus, she married her two passions and came up with Espionage Cosmetics. Starting a women-centric business in a male-dominated culture was both awesome and hard. As you can imagine, Jaimie’s company faced resistance.

“Every single time we go to a convention, we still get weird looks; we have to explain and qualify why we are there. And the odd thing is, I’m okay with that. We are kind of building the road as we travel on it. It’s just part of it. If you’re going to do something that’s not so prevalent in our culture, you have to expect a little bit of resistance, you have to expect that you’re going to have to work a little bit harder at it, because the path hasn’t already been cut, so we’re cutting it as we go.

Sexism for sure is a thing, but we’re trying to operate beyond it. For the most part, the entire geek community wants to hear what we’re doing, and they understand we’re very genuine in our intent, and we’re very passionate about what we’re doing. They are very respectful and very on board. It’s not just customers that are getting on board, it’s larger IPs, larger creators, gaming communities that are coming to us asking us to help them reach out to their girl fans, not just through T-shirts and toys, because there’s only so many T-shirts a girl can wear.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, the shirts are awesome. I have so many of them, but we need to start branching out on what girls have as an option. When I went to PAX last year – I love video games. Video games are one of my nerd things – so when I went to PAX last year, I took a lot of money with me to buy things, and I could not find one shirt that would fit my boobs. The best thing that I found that could fit my boobs was a hat that I ended up buying. It’s a shame because so many people on that show floor were girls, so many girls are gaming now. We’re not one in a million, we’re 50 percent of this population. We’re a very large portion of this community and we need to stop treating it like it’s three of us, because there’s so many of us and we need to start paying attention to that. That’s what Espionage is. It’s our way of answering that there needs to be other options.”

Now don’t get me wrong, Espionage isn’t just nail wraps. The company actually started with makeup lines, like their “Everything Shadows” that are all nerd themed. I personally love (and own) their Browncoats collection, which if you get the special one, comes with a tiny Jayne hat! Squee! The cool thing about the shadows is that they can be used as anything. I like mixing the Reaver Red from the Browncoats collection with some clear lip gloss to make some kick-ass red gloss. They also have lip serums, and they even sell a clear, shimmery one specifically for mixing the shadows into.


As you can probably tell, I’m a big fangirl about Espionage Cosmetics. I’m actually one of those girls who never wore makeup, partially because I was intimidated by it. No one ever really taught me how to put on makeup, but when I saw these nerdy-themed lines, it jumpstarted my interest. I got really excited because their products speak to me, so I started experimenting. I still don’t wear it every day, but I’m way less intimidated by the thought of putting on makeup. And I wear the nail wraps all the time!

It’s reactions like mine that make Jaimie excited and motivated to keep on growing her company.

“There are many moments where people I don’t know, who are not friends of friends, who are not friends of my mom, they are people who have connected to this company because they see what we do and they love what we do. They spend 45 minutes at the booth talking to us and connecting with our crew and talking nerdy with us. They tell us why what we’re doing means something, beyond just providing a product.

One of my favorite things about this company is it’s not just a product. We’re not just here to sell stuff that will make the most money. Don’t get me wrong. We’re a business, we absolutely need to make money. But a lot of what we are about is the community. What makeup should do is it should make you feel better about yourself, it should be an art form, it should enhance whatever you want to enhance. It should not be scary.”

So now, onto their newest Kickstarter! After the smashing success of their first nail wraps Kickstarter, they’re back for round two. Here’s a quick look at the designs they’re telling us about right now:


The cool thing is, just like last time, as they hit their goals, they will be revealing more and more nail wraps, up to 25 designs for this Kickstarter. NASA scientist Bobak Ferdowsi is curating the galaxy wavelength wraps, FOR SCIENCE! And as you can see, they’re collaborating with other cool people like Clive Barker and the Little Vampires comic.

They have more shirts this time, and they have a new product that you get in some of the backer levels, a nail wrap humidor! When you open your wraps, you always have two left over, so this contraption will keep them from drying out for six weeks, so that you can use your leftover wraps again!

Coming up though, there will be Borderlands wraps, Cats 2.0, and famous telescopes from the real world! As you can tell I’m pretty excited about all of them!


Here’s a few of the pledge levels:

  • $10 – Felicity Smoak – Sticker +1 random wrap +Digital wallpaper + Add-on access
  • $25 – Bene Gesserit – Sticker +3 random wraps +Digital wallpaper +Add-on access
  • $35 – Tiny Tina – Sticker +3 U-pick wraps +Digital wallpaper +Add-on access
  • $50 – Gamora – Goodie Bag (sticker + button + nail wrap humidor) + 6 random wraps +Digital wallpaper +Add-on access
  • $60 – Kara ‘Starbuck’ Thrace – Goodie bag + 6 U-pick wraps +Digital wallpaper +Add-on access


So if you’re interested in their Kickstarter, you can find it over here. As of writing this, they’re already over halfway to their goal, and it’s only been live for a few days! The project goes until Monday, October 6 at 8:00 PM CDT. So check it out! Or if you want some nail wraps RIGHT NOW, check out their store.

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