Illusion of Gaia Retro Play – Ep. 7

Here, our adventure takes a varied turn as Will heads to the Great Wall of China in search of a Mystic Statue as well as one of his friends. The Great Wall is a maze area, but Will manages to vanquish the sandworm boss. He then finds out that Lilly does indeed care about his friend, so they both stay behind in Watermia while the rest head to Euro, where Will’s uncle, Neil, visits his parents. Neil’s family runs the Rolek (like Rolex, I guess?) company, which appears almost like the East India Company in some ways, dealing with trade of all types – including human labor.

Will investigates a nearby mountain (a strange place filled with mushrooms and deadly creatures), overcoming many obstacles and obtaining a mystical item that he uses to reveal the true nature of Neil’s parents. Neil, now president of the Rolek company, gives Will and his friends his blessing as they travel west, arriving in a tropical native village. The villagers are starving, and some of them have turned to stone. After a touching scene in which the villagers finally find some food, Will travels north to Angkor Wat in search of a cure for the people of the village.

What happens next? Stay tuned to find out!

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