Comic Review: Emily and the Strangers: Breaking the Record #3


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Emily and the Strangers: Breaking the Record #3 came out on August 27 and I just got to read it yesterday. This has been an awesome three-part mini-series. In the last issue, the guitar God inspired the band to write songs about the predicament the cats are in to reveal the true nature of the record label, but Crawly, the villain of our tale, revealed that if the band doesn’t sign the contract within 24 hours, the magic guitar gets taken away. In issue #3, the band decides to break into Awesomely Awesome, the record company, to snoop around and see if they can find the connection between them and Kute Kitties.

In this issue, the art is even more stylized than it has been in the previous two. There’s some really nice full-page panels too, which I always love to see. The humor continues to be clever and giggle-inducing, and the dialogue is believable for the age the (precocious) characters are. It’s also not afraid to poke at the fourth wall a bit, which is one of my favorite devices in fiction.

The ending is somewhat satisfying – one plot thread is resolved, but there’s absolutely an opening for another mini-series. I hope Emily and the Strangers continues!


“The people responsible for the stray cat population explosion have been revealed, but can Emily and the Strangers stop the plot and find homes for these cats? And will they be able to put aside their differences and record an out-of-this-world album, all while playing detective on the kitty case? It’s gonna come down to the wire in the rocking conclusion to Breaking the Record!”

Writers: Rob Reger and Mariah Huehner
Artist: Cat Farris
Colorist: Cat Farris
Cover Artists: Cat Farris and Buzz Parker

Get it at Dark Horse Comics for $2.99. 32 pages, full-color.

[Disclaimer: A review copy was provided for me to review this comic.]

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