The Retro Play Show #35: Wonder Boy III: Dragon’s Trap (SMS, Part 1)

You may recall that I’ve done a Part 1 of this game, but what you may not realize is that during the streaming of the second part, I managed to save myself into a corner and was unable to get out of it due to a lack of necessary armor (or rather, the “charm” points you need for said armor). Then, to top things off, Twitch ate my broadcast! I streamed it fine, but the end product was messed up. Argh!

So, I had to redo the entire thing, and this time I ended up using YouTube Live to stream it, which actually went very smoothly and had the added benefit of putting the end product right on my channel!

This go around, things went a lot smoother – and I really mean A LOT! We actually clear probably more than half of the game this sitting, and I even get a couple rare items, including the very rare Muramasa Sword! 🙂

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