The Witcher 2 Long Play: Chapter 3-2

It’s hard to believe that the next video of this game that I release will be the final one, but that’s just how it goes. Like all good things, time passes quickly, and this game has been no exception. I find that this video is a great one because things really heat up in the realm of political intrigue. Phillipa meets with a grisly fate (though she doesn’t die), and Geralt has to make some hard choices about what to do regarding certain issues. He still hasn’t come across Triss yet, though don’t worry: both she and the Kingslayer will be revealed in the final installation.

I hope you guys have been really enjoying this playthrough, and I thank you for sticking with it for so long. Please subscribe if you don’t yet, because I really want to see my YouTube channel grow 🙂

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