More Master Reboot to Enjoy!

It had been been a couple weeks since I streamed this game, so I decided to do another session of it the other night. And, I must admit, things are really picking up in the game. Yet, this stream was not without its frustrations. I was really unsure of where to go in the Fairground area of the game and, after that, I had a lot of trouble with the part where you had to run through what was essentially an ethereal obstacle course before a plane crashed into the area.

Still, I’m really enjoying Master Reboot. This game fits in perfectly to my recent discussions on what defines an “indie” game, because this game really makes an effort to do something different and, in my opinion, it works. I love the strange, other-worldly locations you explore and overall, even without the few jump-scares you experience from time to time, the atmosphere alone will be a little unsettling.

As always, I’m open to any suggestions you all have for horror games (indie or otherwise) that you think would be suited to a solo session (say, finishable in an hour or two) or as a mini-series!

Tell us what you think!

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