Mega Man: Rock Force – Two Part Playthrough!


For those not in the know, Mega Man: Rock Force is a Mega Man fan game released in October of 2013 by GoldwaterDLS. It’s also a game that fell into a bit of obscurity at the time due to being eclipsed that year by the releases of Mega Man Unlimited and Mega Man Revolution, two major, long-awaited fan games that finally saw release that year. Yet, for those who have played it, the game has stood out in several different ways. For one, defeating the initial eight Robot Masters doesn’t immediately lead to a fortress or two to conquer, but rather something interesting happens that causes their energy signatures to combine and create stronger forms (like Fuse Man and Crypt Man combining to create Terror Man). This continues one more time before you finally get to the fortress area.

Another neat thing is that Dr. Wily actually isn’t involved in the game at all, and the game presents you with a bit of a moral question regarding artificial intelligence and free will. Some of the bosses in the game are a bit easy, though I found that this was compensated for by the more difficult stages, the length of the stages (particularly later ones), and the overall quality of the graphics and music as well as unique design.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy my two-part playthrough of the game!

(Mega Man: Rock Force – Part 1)

(Mega Man: Rock Force – Part 2)

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