Women in Geek: Sarah Rodriguez

Kendall Ashley|Distracted Blogger

Women in Geek  Sarah Rodriguez

Back in June, I attended Denver Comic Con, and one of my favorite moments from the con was attending a Women in the Geek Industry panel. There were some truly awesome women at the panel, Bonnie Burton, Jen Timms, cosplayer Evil Mech Meru, and Vicky Connolly from Escape Velocity Comics. It was so amazing to hear these women from their various areas of geekery talk about working and being a woman in the geek industry. There can be a lot of negativity in the geek community around women in various geek industries, but that panel was so incredibly positive and inspiring, that I wanted to bring some of that here to the blog. So I’m going to be running a Women in Geek series here on the site, and I couldn’t be more excited about it! While I’ll definitely be talking to Bonnie, Jen, Tiffany (Evil Mech Meru), and Vicky…

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