The Retro Play Show #27: Rockman 3 (MD, Part 2)

As I mentioned during the last session of this game, Rockman 3 is my favorite of the NES entries into the classic Mega Man series. With that in mind, the 16-bit remake for the Mega-Drive is a gem to play. 🙂

In the last livestream, I cleared the 8 Robot Master stages, and this time around, I take on the Doc Robot levels (which are harder versions of the originals with bosses from Mega Man 2) and then go after Dr. Wily himself. The game actually ends up being much easier than I recalled – but then again, games like this tend to be harder when you’re little and now I have many, many years of platforming practice under my proverbial belt!

Also of note, July 15 marks the 31st birthday of the original Famicom console. It’s kind of hard to believe that! 🙂 Next year will mark the 30th birthday of the NES itself world-wide!

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