Gearbox’s Next Awesome Game – Battleborn Official Reveal Trailer

This trailer immediately caught my eye with its bright color scheme and beautiful graphics. The first character who appears is a woman, and she’s kick ass. She’s powerful and beautiful, but not skimpily dressed or a damsel in distress. As the trailer goes on, the viewer sees several new characters, each one looking extremely detailed and powerful. I love how the women are portrayed as being tough and not needing a man to come save them, and I adored the simplicity which 2K and Gearbox presented their newest game with, choosing to show the action of the game and its diverse array of characters instead of focusing on just on one aspect of the title. With beautiful graphics, awesome combat, and several different characters to choose from, this is definitely a game to keep a very close eye on.

If you’d like to stay up to date with this title, check out the official site.


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