Dragon Age: Inquisition Same-Sex Romance Companions


I’m really looking forward to Dragon Age: Inquisition. The game’s amazing stories make me forget what reality I’m living in, and their companion characters are extremely intricate and diverse. And for the first time in the series, BioWare has made characters who are only same-sex romance options.

In the past, Dragon Age has had multiple characters who are bisexual, which was definitely a step forward for the video game community. Now they are including the characters of Sera and Dorian, both only romance-able by a player character of the same sex.

Sera was announced as a lesbian character on the SyFy show Heroes of Cosplay. In the episode, Chole Dykstra was invited to debut the character in a competition on the show. On Dragon Age‘s website, they describe Sera as impulsive. She revels in the moment, and she’s not afraid to get into a fight so that the common people are safe.


Dorian was mentioned in an interview with writer David Gaider on the Dragon Age website. Speaking specifically about Dorian’s sexuality, Gaider said that even though he knows that the decision to make Dorian a gay character will be controversial with some, he’s glad that they made that decision. He went on to say that writing Dorian was a very personal experience for him.


Dorian is described on the website as a mage from a proud bloodline of the Tevinter Imperium, where mages rule. He’s charming, confident, and sharp-witted. He’d be a powerful person in his homeland, if he didn’t oppose most of what his homeland now stands for. As such, he’s now an outcast from his society.

Speaking about his pariah status, Gaider said that it’s partially because he found out what some of his fellow mages were planning on doing and stood up against him. His sexuality also contributes to his status as an outsider. The reason being is because the society he came from insists on everyone putting forth the façade of being perfect and conforming completely. Dorian refuses to do that, so his family has rejected him.

I am super excited for Dragon Age: Inquisition. I love the complexity of the stories in all of the games and the depth of the characters involved. When I play a Dragon Age game, I get completely immersed in them. They also allow the option to play as a woman, which makes me, a woman, really happy. Adding same sex relationships will make a lot more people really happy. Dragon Age: Inquisition is coming out October 7th, after which I will probably disappear for an entire month.

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