New Adventures of Peter and Wendy Review!


The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy is a modern take on JM Barrie’s classic Peter Pan story. It was created by Kyle Walters and Shawn DeLoache, written by Shawn DeLoache, directed by Matthew Breault, and has the Emmy award winner Jenni Powell, along with Adam Laupus, as its producers. It features a diverse and highly talented cast of actors, including Kyle Walters as Peter Pan, Paula Rhodes as Wendy Darling, Brennan Murray as Michael Darling, Graham Kurtz as John Darling, and Lovlee Carroll as Lily Bagha. It’s all filmed in the style of a video log where Wendy is concerned and a moving camera, being filmed by Tinkerbell, when Peter is the main focus. The story follows Peter and the others in their 20s and how life is for them in the small town of Neverland, Ohio. Peter is a comic book artist and Wendy is a video logger for an advice column at the newspaper that she and the rest of her family work for, The Kensington Chronicle. The series focuses on Peter and how he is trying to get the love and attention of Wendy while maintaining the lifestyle that Peter Pan is best known for: staying young forever and experiencing nothing but fun in his life.


The series is a cute, fun, take on the classic story and does a good job of representing the original characters while bringing new life and modernity to them. The best thing about this series is how lighthearted it is. It’s nice to see something that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and it’s obvious from watching that the creators and actors are all enjoying themselves immensely during filming and it comes across well on-screen. I love that the story focuses on the differences between Peter and Wendy and how Peter is ready to stay in his hometown and goof off forever, whereas Wendy is unsure whether she wants to stay in Neverland at all, as that means continuing to take care of her brothers – and Peter – as well. The ups and down of their friendship, along with that of the other Darling family members and Lily, is entertaining and interesting without being too over the top.


The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy has its comedic elements along with a romantic tone that fans of the Barry classic always wanted more of for Peter and Wendy. It comes out in weekly releases on YouTube and is a great watch for fans of the original work or just for people who love a good comedy. It is definitely worth checking out here!

2 thoughts on “New Adventures of Peter and Wendy Review!

  1. Hi Megan,

    Thank you for your lovely review. In your credits of the creative team there are two small corrections.

    1) the show was created by Kyle and Shawn but written only by Shawn. It’s a subtle distinction but from a WGA point of view it’s very important the writer has sole credit for the writing.

    2) also you excluded me from your producers credit and left only Jenni. I was a part of this project from the very beginning and guiding it through the production process. Jenni came on a little later and has been instrumental to the project. It’s been labor of love for both of us.

    The corrections are appreciated. Thanks.

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