The Deep: True Horror Edition Video + Review

The Deep: True Horror Version is an indie horror that I’d seen floating around, but only recently picked up a free copy so that I could see what it was all about. The game is a 3D pixel survival horror and exploration game made by Alexander Collins and released back in March of this year. Like the other games I’ve covered here to date, it’s available for free online.

In The Deep, the player wakes up in a room deep within some dark underground labyrinth with no knowledge of how he or she got there, why he or she was taken there, or what’s actually going on. Equipped with absolutely nothing except what seems like a limited-range light source, the player is faced with little choice but to leave the seemingly-safe confines of his or her room and explore the chambers beyond in the hopes of finding a way out and back to the surface.

This game is an experience that can be completed in an hour or less if you go at an average pace, and all-in-all it provides a good journey that builds up slowly but knows how to throw in the scares while creating a suspenseful atmosphere. The areas you explore also have their share of small puzzles to solve, and this is a welcome change of pace. At times, the game seems as if it lacks some polish, putting you in areas you might get stuck in, forcing you to reload your progress, but most of the time this is a very minor annoyance. The soundtrack is very well-done and really adds to the atmosphere, and in the end, the only thing I found lacking about the game was the narrative and how strange the “Well of Souls” portion was. I suppose I was looking for more of a sinister plot, and found the lack of it to be a little disappointing.

In the end, the game reminds me of a horror-based Minecraft, but ultimately that isn’t a bad thing at all. I really think the developer did an admirable job with this one, all things considered.

Final Score: B-

Scare Factor: Atmospherically creepy with a few good jump scares


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