Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Review

Like RPGs but don’t necessarily have the time to write or run a game? Well, the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game by Paizo is totally for you!


The game is super easy to learn and play. When you buy the game, you get the basic deck and the first adventure deck. Both the basic deck and the adventure decks have lots of scenarios in them, which make up the overall adventure. For each scenario, you lay out locations and shuffle cards into the location decks. Then, you explore those locations by flipping over cards. There’s everything from weapons to monsters.


Each player has a different character. Those characters have unique ability scores and their own special powers. Every player starts with a deck of 15 cards. The catch is that each character has to have a certain number of item, weapon, armor, ally, blessing, or spell cards. For instance, the warrior has way more weapon cards than the thief.


I’m not going to go crazy into the specifics of game mechanics here, but suffice it to say, it’s really easy to learn and very fun to play. I love the fact that you can play a whole campaign just by your lonesome. Currently, I’ve been playing the campaign with my fiancé, and though it’s sometimes hard because we don’t have any spell cards, we can definitely get through the different adventures.

Another cool thing is that your characters level up. So, at the end of every adventure you get something, be it a couple of new cards or an extra ability point. Just like a DnD or Pathfinder campaign, your character progresses. As you go through all the adventure decks, of which there will be six total, your character gets more and more badass. Oh, and the monsters and adventures get way harder too. We totally almost didn’t beat the first couple of adventures in the first adventure pack.

On the subject of the art, the cards are really gorgeous. One qualm is that the edges start flaking because you have to shuffle them so much, so I suggest putting sleeves on them. Also, the art on the female characters is badass in general. There are a few that are totally sexist, but there are more that have awesome, realistic-looking armor. Could they have done better? Yes. I would love for a game to have realistic armor and clothing for women. But I do like the fact that Paizo as a whole has realistic and not “sexy” clothing for women.


To sum it up: really, really fun game. I love that this game has an ongoing story so it’s something you want to play over and over again. What’s more is that you can replay the game again with different characters and have a completely different experience! It’s versatile, fun, easy to play, and only takes about 30 minutes to an hour to play through one scenario. If you love RPGs but don’t have time for a long game, definitely buy this!

Score: A+

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