We Are Comics!

Amy Dallen weighs in on the issues surrounding the creation of We Are Comics, a Tumblr that focuses on showcasing the diversity to be found amongst comic lovers. I love this vlog, this campaign, and the vehement response from the community to the vitriol Asselin faced. It sends a message that’s loud and clear that jerks who can’t handle women in comics are the minority, and that the majority of people in the comic fan community just want to read some comics!

One thought on “We Are Comics!

  1. It seems that female gamers aren’t the only ones having issues in relation to these disgusting types of attitudes then. If you truly love your interests surly you’d want to share it with as many people as possible so that they too can understand how enjoyable it is, not frighten them away. In some ways I prefer Manga to western comics because I think that it is generally more accepted that a wider variety of people enjoy them (Shoujo, Shonen and many other categories exist to appeal to very different audiences.) I have read a few comics though and really enjoyed them. I particularity love the art work.

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