Other Series I’m Reading This Week – 4/23

I’ve decided to try out a new weekly article, wherein I talk about various comic and book series I’m reading this week that I’m not reviewing! Let me know what you think and if I should continue doing these!


Ms. Marvel –  I’m on issue #3 of the new Ms. Marvel, and I think it’s just such an impressive series so far. I’m really getting those Peter Parker and X-Men vibes from Kamala as she struggles not just with her new powers, but also with what those powers mean about her life and identity.  This series is just so relatable…I also highly recommend it for any young women you know. Start ’em young.

ms marvel #3 cover

Star Wars: Legacy – I’m now on issue #14, and my love of this series continues un-abated! If you love Star Wars, adventure, space, Mass Effect, female leads, gorgeous art…any of those things: go grab this series.

Star Wars Legacy 14

Mass Effect: Foundation –  I’m on issue #10, and I have to say this series has been unfortunately hit or miss for me. I’d say go back and check out my reviews and just pick up the ones you want. It’s not necessary to read it in order or to read all of the issues, as this is mainly little short stories to fulfill your thirst for Mass Effect.

Mass Effect Foundation 10

Halo: Escalation – I’m on issue #5, and I can’t believe it’s been so few issues. This series packs an impressive amount of story and intrigue into each issue, and I’m still enjoying it!

Halo escalation 5


Malazan Book of the Fallen – I’m on The Crippled God, which is the tenth book in the series. Overall, I recommend this series for people who are tired of never seeing people of color in high fantasy worlds. The emperor and the majority of important characters are described as black or middle eastern-looking, and women warriors and leaders are a staple of the series. In the last three books, however, rape has become much more prevelant, and I must say I’m finding it off-putting. He was doing so well!



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