Comic Review: Strangely Empowered!

In my opinion, Empowered is still one of the best superhero series out there. Internal Medicine is one of those really strange one-shots that I can’t help but love. Take a look:

I was really excited that this one was an Empowered and Ninjette team-up. It wasn’t one of my favorite Empowered one shots, but it definitely got my attention. A mothership an actual mother? We have a mothership pregnant with a babyship in the wing of the Purple Paladin Memorial Hospital’s Superhuman treatment wing. Now that’s an odd mouthful. Babyship is unfortunately parasite-infested, and Empowered and Ninjette must rid this little one of its infestation or mothership is not going to be happy. Oh, and time and space are all “wibbly-wobbly” in this hospital…ship…thing, so that causes some problems…

Adam Warren will never stop impressing me. His imagination is fantastic, his humor hilarious, and the artists he picks have done such a wonderful job on Empowered. This one was a bit too strange for me, what with biohazards duking it out and what not, but it was definitely enjoyable, and I would recommend it for sure. Besides, it’s got the cutest duo ever kicking butt together!

Empowered: Internal Medicine is out today! So if you’re a fan like I am, go get yourself a copy. Or, if you’re lazy, order it here.

[Disclaimer: A review copy was provided for me to review this comic.]

One thought on “Comic Review: Strangely Empowered!

  1. I’ve been a big fan of Empowered from the beginning. There are no superhero comics like it.

    Every comic should have a snarky and insightful interdimensional demon-thing, stuck in a belt on the coffee table.

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