Tyrian Adventures – Episode 9: Lion’s Arch Under Attack!

In episode  eight, I focused on the Living Story that summarized the villainous activities of Scarlet Briar, a major villain in Guild Wars 2. The story featured in that video showcased that Scarlet was up to something; however, it wasn’t completely clear what she was up to. It was only at the end that we came to the realization that she was going to raze Lion’s Arch in hopes of accessing some of the energy flowing deep below the city.

Little did we know that the attack would be so epic, or that it would lead to such awesome in-game fun! It’s really amazing seeing a city completely destroyed, particularly a city that was so well-loved by the player base of the game. Yet, this is exactly what happened.

This video, recorded on February 19, 2014, features myself, Aristeia, Falunel (an officer of the Ember Solace guild), and a friend named Aeirie (not on TeamSpeak) running around and taking part in the rescue efforts within the city of Lion’s Arch. While not an all-inclusive video by any means, it should certainly give you a taste of the chaos surrounding this arc of the Living Story!

Tell us what you think!

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