Ten Awesome Black Characters In Gaming

Black characters in gaming are still not as common as the big, white space marine, but they are becoming more prevalent. Most of these characters kick-ass and have strong personalities. To celebrate Black History Month, let’s examine ten awesome black characters in gaming. These are just a few awesome examples, so if your favorite isn’t listed, feel free to leave your favorite character in the comments!

Lee Everett, The Walking Dead: Season One

A convict with a heart of gold, Lee was the main character in the first season of Telltale’s superb adaptation. Lee takes orphaned Clementine, a nine-year-old girl, under his wing and teaches her how to survive in this atrocious new world. His past slowly starts to come to light with each episode of the game, and the player shapes Lee’s personality. After five episodes, Lee’s presence is still felt by many players.

Sheva Alomar, Resident Evil 5

Yes, Sheva was a pain in the butt if you played the single player campaign of RE 5, but in co-op, she became an essential partner and a kick-ass woman who could take down zombies just as well as Chris Redfield. She was the perfect balance to Chris’s tough, brusque attitude. Sheva cared about her people and was saddened to see her friends and family being struck with the Las Plagas virus.

Seth Balmore, Lost Odyssey

A former pirate, Seth joins your party early on in this superb JRPG, and she’s a crucial member. Seth is a strong, self-confident woman who can hold her own. It doesn’t hurt that she’s also a major bad-ass who can be both a warrior and a mage, and is immortal on top of that.

Pierce, Saints Row

Pierce is one of your best friends in this silly, stupidly fun franchise. He always supports your character and often hilariously joins you in song while riding to a mission. He’s one of the most trusted characters in the Saints Row series, and is extremely faithful to the Saints.

Franklin Clinton, Grand Theft Auto V

At the beginning of the game, Franklin is working for a luxury car repo man to support his aunt. After befriending Michael, though, Franklin quickly ascends the success ladder and scores his own home, dog, and car. Franklin is, at heart, a kind man and the most caring character in GTA V.

Alyx Vance, Half-Life 2

The outspoken companion to quiet Gordon Freeman, Alyx is a force to be reckoned with. One of the best characters to ever be created for a game, she’s fully capable of fending for herself and is a strong woman, both emotionally and physically. She’s inspired many women to be proud of who they are, and she’ll continue to do so in the future.

Daisy Fitzroy, Bioshock Infinite

Daisy is the leader of the Vox Populi, who oppose the Founders. She rescues Booker and Elizabeth, but soon turns on them to try to vanquish Comstock once and for all. Daisy is a strong woman who’s confident, proud of her people, and a great leader.

Augustus “Cole Train” Cole, Gears of War

Cole Train, a former professional Thrashball player before the Locust attack, is a capable companion and dear friend to Marcus Fenix. Cole Train is one of the strongest characters in the Gears franchise, and is a very valued ally, whether playing the single-player campaign or the co-op mode.

Storm, Marvel Vs. Capcom

Storm is one of the most prevalent characters in the MvC franchise, and for a good reason. She’s a strong, balanced character who represents her source material (X-Men) well, and who is a reliable choice for a match in the games.

Purna, Dead Island

A former police officer, Purna is a strong, independent woman who is excellent with firearms. Showing that women can sometimes do it better than men, Purna was a popular choice for gamers.

2 thoughts on “Ten Awesome Black Characters In Gaming

    • Captain Anderson is one of my favorites – Keith David is an awesome actor! All our lists are subjective; any of our authors could make this same list and I’m sure we’d have a bunch of different ones. 🙂

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