Arcade of Dreams: BlackEssense Interview

Quite a bit ago, I chatted with BlackEssence and learned about her project: The Arcade Of Dreams. The Arcade of Dreams is a business venture about building the video game arcade she’s wanted her whole life. Before you head to donate to her fund, learn a little more about BlackEssence and what inspires her.

1. Who are you, where are you from, and what do you do?

In The Sims and gaming community, I’m known as BlackEssence, and I hail from good ol’ North Carolina! For 20-plus years, I’ve worked to develop myself in the gaming industry as a self-proclaimed “True Lady Gamer,” a title that I established as a way to describe the unknown, unrecognized, and unappreciated type of lady who games with the utmost class and grace. I’m also very active in The Sims community by creating video game commentary game plays, and have been recognized doing so by Electronic Arts, Maxis, and other major Sims-unrelated game companies, like Sony and Ubisoft!

2. What is your favorite game of all time? What’s your favorite game as of right now?

My favorite game of all time would have to be The Sims. It’s a game that has blessed me in more ways than I can count on my two hands, and it’s continuing to allow me to share that love with other gamers who are fans of this wonderful franchise. As of late, my favorite game that I’ve been spending a lot of time with is Minecraft! That game is a world growing with continuous possibilities for any gamer’s imagination!

3. What is the arcade of your dreams?

The Arcade Of My Dreams is a business venture about just that: building that video game arcade that I’ve always wanted all of my life. I felt that after years of planning and dreaming, it was time to make that dream become a reality. So, for all of 2014, I will be working hard to gain all the help I need to make this arcade come into fruition!

4. What inspired you to do this fundraiser?

I was inspired by this when I was seven years old in 1994. In my small town, there’s an old abandoned building that used to be an arcade back when my mother and father were teenagers. It’s still standing, and even though time has taken so much away from it, it was always a beautiful building to me because of what it used to be.

5. What advice do you have for other gamer girls hoping to achieve their dreams?

A: For years, I’ve always taught, preached, and even educated that no matter what your calling is, you are going to run into those who will try every means that they can think of to derail or detour you off your calling. When you start receiving the blessings due to you, you will begin to see who your real friends are and aren’t. Don’t ever be taken aback by this. Success is nothing if you don’t have the right people supporting you for the right reasons.

6. Where can people go to donate?

People can donate my arcade fund here.

7. Anything else you’d like to share?

A lot of big things will be happening this year, and I want to share all of it with gamers from all over. You can stay up-to-date and communicate with me on the following sites below. I’d love to hear from other gamers, so please don’t be a stranger!

BlackEssence’s YouTube channel.

BlackEssence’s Twitter.

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