The Gaming Goddess Podcast – Season 5, Ep. 2: Next Gen for the Big N?

In this episode, recorded on January 23, 2014, I discuss the leak of information regarding two upcoming products from Nintendo, both under the “Fusion” code name. One appears to be a high-end handheld gaming system, while the other is a seemingly powerful console that appears to have handheld compatibility as well in terms of what it can play. Oh, and it even uses Holographic Video Discs!

Will this truly bring Nintendo to the next generation, or will it not be enough to get beyond a casual, first-party only audience?

Find out more here and download an MP3 of this episode. Be sure to check out my site for more podcasts, videos, and gaming goodies.

Also, please also visit these great podcast hosts/affiliates of mine: Button Smashers Blog and Random Thoughts.

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