Zelda: Mystery of Solarus – Awesome Fan Game!


A couple nights ago, I was up really late, looking some stuff up about random games. Somehow, while researching one topic related to the Zelda series, I came across a fan-game I had never heard of called The Legend of Zelda: Mystery of Solarus. Apparently, the game had been out since 2002, originally designed from the ground-up in RPG Maker. However, in 2011, the game received a complete facelift in the form of a DX version.

For those interested, the reason behind the DX version is that it’s the first complete game designed using the customized Solarus game engine. This engine allows for the open source development of 2D Zelda-like titles, and is available on multiple platforms.


The game was designed as an immediate sequel to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. It stars the same Link from that game and takes place not long after it, in a time where the King of Hyrule’s death has weakened the magical seal that’s keeping Ganon and his minions locked away in the corrupted Sacred Realm. Zelda, who feared that the Triforce was in danger, summoned eight children, known as the Children of Solarus, and used their magical powers to fragment the Triforce and keep it safe. However, these children soon go missing, and the great Sahasrahla senses a great evil returning to the land, sending Link on a quest to save Hyrule once more.

The game fits perfectly as a sequel to ALttP, the only “problem” being that the overworld is quite different with no real explanation. This does have the benefit of creating a new area with different locations to explore, though it does make one wonder why the land has changed so drastically.

Either way, it’s a great fan game that many of you probably haven’t heard of. If you want to play it, head on over to the main Solarus website and download a copy today!

Personally, I’m planning on featuring it in a mini-series to kick off the 2014 fundraising year with Extra-Life!

Tell us what you think!

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