My Favorite Tech from CES 2014

CES 2014 was filled with even more innovation than CES 2013. I really enjoy this tradeshow, because I love to imagine a future filled with hoverboards and phasers…and CES displays the kind of technology that makes you feel like you’re almost in the the future!

Stuff like this doesn't help!

Stuff like this doesn’t help!

I saw everything from watches that let you answer your phone (beam me up, Scotty?) to adorable robots to comfort the elderly who can’t handle a real pet to crazy curved televisions and the most expensive headphones ever made.

orpheus sennheiser

Check out my video below for a quick sweep of some of the cool tech I saw with a few fun interviews – and maybe I’m in an epic battle with a Frag Doll Cadette also named Sarah. You never know with me.

So what was my favorite item at the show? It was actually the ATH-ADG1 gaming headphones from Audio-Technica that let me listen to crystal clear in-game sounds, the voice of the other player, and the noises going on in my house. In other words, never again will the cats destroy the home while I play on, oblivious.
I also REALLY loved the Retron 5, and I hope I get my hands on it soon!

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