Always wanted to be an asshole cat? Then play Catlateral Damage!

Okay people, this game, created by Chris Chung, is high-larious! Catlateral Damage is a first-person cat simulator where you get to run around knocking your owner’s shit off of places. It’s amazing. But you better work fast! There’s a time limit, and unless you cause a ton of destruction, you lose.


It’s a hysterical and fun game. Want to be a dickbag cat? Done. Wreak that havoc and feel the stress fall away from you. I totally enjoy it and would recommend playing it to anyone.

As for the controls, they’re super simple. You move with WASD, jump with the spacebar, and run with shift. To swat things, just press the right mouse button for the right paw, the left mouse button for the left paw, and the center mouse button to shove things forward.


Currently, the game is in alpha, and when it’s released it’ll have additional levels and lots more objects to swat at with you tiny, cute paws of doom! There are also different modes planned, such as free play and “Cat Ops” mode (stealth mode). Oh, and achievements! If you’re one of the people who owns an Oculus Rift, it will hopefully be supported for you. You can both play it in a browser and download it here. It’s also on Steam Greenlight, so if you want to see it for sale on Steam, go vote for it! Check out the gameplay in the video below:

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