Comic Review: Kiss Me, Satan #5


Kiss Me, Satan #5 wraps up the story that began with an unborn child and ends with a savage rain of fire. Although I still have my issues with the way the women are over-sexualized (including the no-nonsense nun wearing giant, high-heeled boots) and the sometimes ridiculous story line (really, if that was all it took, this could have ended a bit earlier). However, the beautiful artwork and the idea of the fallen angel were still enough to keep me hooked until the end. The banter was also much improved in this issue, and I really wish this part of the story was a bit more drawn out. At the very least, two strongish females emerged from the story, though they were, of course, relegated to the role of “mother.”

In the end, though, the final battle is worth every bit of indignation, butt-crack, and panty shot.

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Barnabus Black infiltrates the werewolf mafia’s mansion, only to be overtaken by an army of angry monsters, a dangerous wizard, and their werewolf godfather!

The Deets

Writer: Victor Gischler
Artist: Juan Ferreyra
Cover Artist: Dave Johnson

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[Disclaimer: A review copy was provided for me to review this comic.]

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