Zelda Charity Marathon FTW!


Gods! Mortals! Friends alike! Do you like Zelda? Do you like epic marathoning? Do you like holiday cheer and the overall feeling of warm, fuzzy philanthropy? On this day the 27th, eight young nerd-do-wells will begin playing nine classic Zelda titles dating back to 1986  for the 4/48 Zelda Marathon.

The event is streaming live for what could be four days days over on Twitch in order to promote awareness for the Child’s Play Charity, which is an utterly delightful organization that provides aid to children’s hospitals all over this beautiful blue planet by donating books, toys, and games. Also, this isn’t going to be any old run-of-the-mill marathon, this is going to be an interactive marathon that involves all of us viewers. One fan reminisces that “the way [the group] makes viewers a real part of the event is what makes it so fun. They’re always doing different things to keep the broadcast fresh.”

So, here’s the thing, Child’s Play meets the vast majority of its fundraising goals through awesome events such as the 4/48 Zelda Marathon. So, if you want to keep playing along with the gamers, every amount donated to Child’s Play serves to extend the marathon! I mean it’s a win-win, right? You get to have fun with Zelda enthusiasts (these guys once played for ten days straight and raised about $10,000), and sick children all over the world get to have toys and books that make them feel better while they’re going through such a tough time.

‘Tis the season for giving, ya’ll! Please enjoy this marathon with me this (hopefully all) weekend! Let’s have a blast!

You can learn more about the marathon here.

One thought on “Zelda Charity Marathon FTW!

  1. That’s a really good cause. I hope they visit some of the lesser played titles, like the Oracle games, the CDi ones, or even Ancient Stone Tablets. But either way, I really hope they raise some good money for Child’s Play ^.^

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