Indiegogo – Honored: Physical Rewards for Digital Achievements

Honored is a flexible-funding project that will give you physical rewards in the form of patches for your in-game, digital achievements. They have currently raised a little over $5,000 towards their $25,000 goal.

Check out the promotional video!

The Honored site will track your achievements by linking to your Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam profiles. I really like the idea of this, and having a physical reward for achievements is something that no other services offer right now. The badges will be a pretty modest price as well – about $5 each (shipping included!). There are all kinds of cool things the team has in mind, and I hope that they will be able to get the site going even if they fall short of their goal.

Reward levels:

  • $5 – Backing us, even a little bit, will earn you to a code that will imprint a campaign exclusive “Backer Badge” on your Honored profile and a beta invite before launch.
  • $10 – This package gets you a physical embroidered badge to match the digital counterpart you also get on your Honored profile. Pre-launch beta invite also included.
  • $20 – This tier entitles you to both the digital and physical “Backer Badge” plus we bump your name to the top of the closed beta invite list. As soon as beta starts, you will be among the first to hit the site.
  • $30 – Not only do you get everything in the First Wave Beta Package but you also obtain five extra beta invites for your friends to fight over
  • $50 – One “Powering Honored” t-shirt in the size of your choice as well as the contents of the First Wave Beta and Friends tier. (We will contact you for shirt sizes before we start printing. Sizes for both Men and Women will be available.) Please add $8 for international shipping if you are outside the continental US.
  • $75 – Badges, beta, invites, t-shirt, as well as a spiffy poster highlighting the genesis of our design style. Printed on high quality paper and signed by the entire Honored team, our way of saying thanks for your generosity. If that wasn’t enough, we will also give you a shout out and a follow on our official Twitter at launch. Please add $8 for international shipping if you are outside the continental US.
  • $150 – We will ship you The Honorable Package as it becomes available and next year we will roll out the red carpet for you, the first wave of Alpha Group members. First wave Alpha Group users get unique digital and physical badges for leading the charge, exclusive to Indiegogo. Also included is The Honorable Package for a combined value of $255, a total savings of $105. Limited quantities. Alpha Group is only available for shipment within the US. Alpha Group International is expected late 2014.
  • $1,000 – VIPs get to spend a day with the Honored staff at our offices in San Francisco (you are responsible for your own transportation to the Bay Area). See new plans and ideas in development and provide feedback on what you think would be awesome additions. You also get two custom digital and physical badges: one limited “VIP Contributor” badge will be yours and we will produce a unique badge for the site that YOU create, distributed at your whim or lack thereof. Alpha Group Pioneer included.
  • $10,000 – We will fly you from anywhere in the continental US to visit San Francisco for the VIP Contributor treatment. After your office visit, the Honored founders and staff will treat you to dinner along with several other game industry luminaries who serve as our advisers and partners. At some point during your visit we will take a profile picture of you and utilize your silhouette in one of our most coveted badges as a cornerstone of the Honored community.

Back Honored here! You have until December 23, 2013 at 11:59pm PST. Flexible funding means that they get the money you donate even if they don’t make their goal, so be aware of that. Check out the official site, follow the team on Twitter, and like them on Facebook.

Honored friends feed, subject to change.

Honored friends feed, subject to change.

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