Comic Review: Let Abe Sapian #8 Give you Thrills and Chills

I love Hellboy. And not only for our beloved stone-handed demon child, but for the supporting characters and Mike Mignola’s contrast-heavy visual style. So when Abe Sapian got his own comic, I was like, “Yes. All of the yes and all of the please.” And I am not disappointed or ashamed of my premature excitement, because it was validated, like, immediately.

Abe Sapian issue #8 is something beauteous. Mike Mignola’s classic look is put to full use when Abe is sent down into a subterranean cave in order to save divers investigating rumors of the Mayan underworld. I won’t ruin your life with spoilers, but our fishy friend definitely finds something crazy and mysterious enough to potentially make the Mystery Machine appear out of pure, concentrated creepiness, because “Guh-guh-guh ghosts, Scooby!”

Overall, Abe Sapian #8 has got the glamour, guts, and gross creatures of the deep to keep any Hellboy fan happy. My advice is that you go snag the trade paperbacks of the series and stuff it in a loved one’s stocking.

Score: A

Get Abe Sapian #8 digitally here at Dark Horse Comics.

[Disclaimer: A review copy was provided for me to review this comic.]

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