Comic Review: The Sandman: Overture #1

Neil Gaiman has spanned multiple mediums and has produced quality work across them all. One of the few graphic novels to make the New York Times Best Sellers List, The Sandman is Gaiman’s iconic and classic comic book. The original run of the series started in 1989. The series ended in 1996 after 75 issues, which have since been collected into gorgeous graphic novels. Several spin-offs have been created, and the latest, The Sandman Overture, has recently started its six-issue run.


The artwork is stunning in this prequel series. J.H. Williams III weaves a wondrous tale across the pages of the comic. If there was any question that comics were art, Williams has answered it here. Glorious two-page spreads and interesting panels are thoroughly eye catching. There is always something to look at, because every detail grabs the reader’s attention. Dave Stewart assisted with the coloring, which adds to the beautiful art.


The story, however, is a bit lacking in this first issue. It’s difficult to tell exactly what’s going on. One can get lost in the art and the well-crafted words, but any semblance of a story is tough to find. However, this doesn’t hinder it, in my opinion. The potential for being an amazing Sandman run is definitely there. Fans were expecting an instant classic, but The Sandman Overture is certainly its own thing. The ending leaves a wanting for the second issue.

Speaking of that second issue, it’s already been delayed – unfortunately. Delays are common in the comic book world, but a delay after the first issue is disheartening. The second issue is slated to be released in February 2014.


Get The Sandman Overture #1 at your local comic store or digitally at DC Comics.

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