Geek Comedy Duo Paul and Storm’s New CD Ball Pit Kickstarter Interview and Announcements!


Paul and Storm are a hysterical pair of musicians who write nerdy comedy songs. You may have heard of them. They do all sorts of things, like the amazingly amazing music video “Write like the Wind” (about George R. R. Martin and the mega fans who scream at him to write faster). Or perhaps you know them as the pair who performed DnD themed songs during the PAX live DnD sessions. Or maybe from their web series Learning Town on the Geek and Sundry network created by geek nerd icon Felicia Day. Or from a whole host of other things they do.

The point is, they are Kickstarting their new CD, which they are calling “Ball Pit.” Not only can you get their CD through the Kickstarter, but a whole host of other awesome add-ons, which include real life ball pit balls. If you’re like me, my first reaction to that statement was, “Holy crap that’s hysterical and awesome.” My second reaction was, “Where the hell did they get those balls?”

During our interview, they told me they are actually organizing a cruise with another friend, and Paul and Storm are in charge of the ball pit for the cruise. So there’s a good chance the balls for the Kickstarter will be from the cruise ball pit, purchased, of course, from an “artisanal ball-pitter.” They will indeed be lovingly used, but also lovingly sanitized.

“We did want them to actually come from a ball pit. Anybody can order some whole-sale online ball pit balls. That’s not hard anymore thanks to the internet. We want them to have actually have been a part of a legitimate ball pit experience. You can tell. You can just sort of feel it when you hold it whether or not it’s been lovingly used or not. It’s the difference between buying a baseball with your team’s logo on it and catching one that had been a foul ball from the game.”


So that’s exciting. But there’s even more!! Not only are they putting together an amazing comedy album, which will just be a mishmash or whatever they think is side-splittingly funny, but they are also enlisting the help of amazing authors and artists to create an illustrated anthology of sorts. That is, if they get to their stretch goal of $80K. There will be short stories, writings, illustrations, and whatever else the authors and artists feel like creating. The theme is just loosely based around Paul and Storm themselves. Some stories might be centered around a specific song, another might be about the experience with them on tour. Anything goes, mostly because the duo wanted to not put any limits on the authors and illustrators.

And now, for the big reveal. Who are these authors and illustrators?! They are:

James S. A. Corey (The Expanse series)
Lev Grossman (The Magicians; The Magician King)
Mikey Neumann (Vena Cava; The Ending: An Apocalypse Part 1)
Patrick Rothfuss (The Name of the Wind; The Wise Man’s Fear)
John Scalzi (Old Man’s War series; Redshirts)
Scott Sigler (Infection Trilogy; Nocturnal)

Bill Amend (FoxTrot)
Scott Johnson (My Extra Life)
Len Peralta (Geek A Week)
Kris Straub (Chainsawsuit, Broodhollow)
Zach Weiner (Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)
Annie Wu
Wil Wheaton
and Neil Gaiman

You just spit your drink out all over your computer monitor, didn’t you? It’s okay, I totally did that too when they told me. I’ll give you a minute to collect yourself and close your low-hanging jaw. 

Ready again? Okay, great. So the details are: the book, either in physical or digital form, will be available as an add-on in the Kickstarter, and it will be EXCLUSIVE. For some of the higher value pledge levels, the book will be included at no extra charge, and may even be signed (just by Paul and Storm, not by everyone illustrating and writing it; that would take about three years to ship all the copies around the world to each person and have them sign it). The price is $15 USD for physical book and $10 USD for the digital copy. Oh and if you want the signed paperback copy, it’s $20 USD. Pretty cool.

For everyone who has already pledged to the Kickstarter, or even if you just hop over now and check out the page, you’ll see that they’ve also successfully funded 75 more RPG songlets (like the PAX songs they sang) and a soundboard app that will have all of those songs in it. This is the perfect thing for when you’re sitting around the gaming table and you roll that 20. Any RPG geek knows how freaking awesome it feels to roll that natural 20, and now it’ll feel even better when you whip out your phone and play everyone the “Critical Hit” song. Hells yes.

Anyway, the point is, the app will also be available as an add-on for backers, and backers will get early access to the app. The price will be “app priced.” They are definitely not going to gouge people on this one. And for everyone who doesn’t necessarily want to get involved with the Kickstarter, or is already broke from backing too many other Kickstarters, the app will be available for purchase later.

As you can see, they’ve already eclipsed their current stretch goals, but the one thing both Paul and Storm want you, the backers or potential backers, to know is that every dollar they collect over their stretch goals will translate into more fun for you going forward.


And they do have their gigantic $350,000 goal, which is to go on tour in an ice cream truck, hand out ice cream and guacamole, document it, and then turn it into a video. They both really want to do this crazy thing, and they’re already getting prepared, just in case it funds. Paul tells me that Storm already has an avocado guy. Because that guac has to be fresh.

Here’s a sampling of their pledge levels:

  • $5 – Our eternal gratitude, PLUS access to project update shenanigans and poll participation—to help decide what RPG songlets to record, an EXTRA BALLS song selection and such. (Note: unfortunately, you will not be allowed to purchase add-ons at this level. But we still love you!)
  • $12 – [BALL PIT DIGITAL DOWNLOAD] You get your own copy of BALL PIT, in 1s-and-0s form, via the Intarwebs. Includes pdf of the CD artwork, plus everything in the HEARTIER THANKS reward. The two of us will also high five each other because you are so awesome.
  • $18 – [BALL PIT AND EXTRA BALLS DIGITAL DOWNLOADS] By popular demand! You get both BALL PIT and EXTRA BALLS, in 1s-and-0s form only, via the Intarwebs. Includes .pdfs of both CDs’ artwork, plus everything in the HEARTIER THANKS reward. The two of us will also hug a tree, because you are saving it.
  • $25 – [BALL PIT CD] Your very own physical copy of BALL PIT, shipped to your very own home (or work, or wherever you receive deliveries), plus everything in the BALL PIT DIGITAL DOWNLOAD reward. AND…P&S will fist bump, motivated by your discerning tastes. (US shipping included)
  • $35 – [SIGNED BALL PIT CD] Same as the BALL PIT CD + EXTRA BALLS DIGITAL DOWNLOAD reward, but your CD cover will be signed by the two of us! In Sharpie! And because of the light that radiates from within you, we will do a really cool head nod as we execute a fist bump. (US shipping included)
  • $40 – [SIGNED BALL PIT CD + CUSTOM P&S DICE] One pair of six-sided dice—one with a rendering of Storm’s head, and one with Paul’s! Very lucky! Plus everything in the SIGNED BALL PIT CD reward. AND…we will roll dice on your behalf, and our thanks to you will be multiplied by that amount. (US shipping included)

And there’s even more stuff! So definitely go check out their Kickstarter! But hurry up! The Kickstarter ends Friday Dec 13 at 6:00pm EST.

Tell us what you think!

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