Check Out Allahweh’s Button Smashers Podcast Guest Spot!

About two months ago, LPGardian (a.k.a. Q) of the awesome site Button Smashers Blog left a comment in my podcast archive about how much he enjoyed The Gaming Goddess podcast. He got in touch with me, and after some back and forth, I spoke with him on Skype. He asked if I would be interested in being an editor for BSB (or, as he put it, if I wanted to “join the family”). Since he also expressed interest in me helping to host season 3 of the Button Smashers Podcast in 2014, we talked about doing a test episode of sorts, basically a “get to know you” kind of thing.

Well, that’s exactly what this episode is! Officially released on the Button Smashers Blog on November 24, this episode is considered a “special” podcast episode (not a numbered one from season 2). During the podcast, Q asks me some questions to get to know me better, and we discuss the 3DS and some modern consoles a bit. We also talk about some of our favorite series (like the Zelda franchise), and I pick his brain a bit about Doctor Who.

If you want to get an actual MP3 of the episode, head on over to the Button Smashers Blog, and follow the download link there!

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