The Legend of Korra Continues: Episode 11 Review

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In the beginning of this hour-long episode, we switch back to Mako, Bolin, and Asami’s storyline. Bolin is getting ready for his big premiere of the final movie, and he goes to give Mako a poster. Oh yeah, Mako’s still in jail, which sucks. Mako again tries to warn Bolin that Varrick is up to no good, but Bolin refuses to listen. Also, Asami doesn’t even visit Mako, because it’s too painful and reminds her of her father. Really? That’s a piss-poor excuse! Bad move, wannabe girlfriend.

Anyway, Bolin and Asami are at the premiere when Bolin gets sad and goes outside, where he notices a boat anchored where it shouldn’t be. He goes inside and finds the horrible detectives all tied up. They tell him that the intruders are going after the president. Bolin saves the president and does a fantastic job bending the crap out of the guys in the arena. It’s pretty awesome. While he has one of the men down for the count, he demands to know who sent him, and the guy says it was Varrick (duh). So chief Beifong arrests Varrick and clears Mako’s name, which is also awesome.


Korra shows up and asks the president for help against the harmonic convergence and Unalaq, but the president says no (what an ass!). Then, when Mako is getting out of jail, Korra grabs him and kisses him, which makes Asami super pissed and surprises Mako. Mako asks if Korra is still mad at him, and she doesn’t even remember being mad at him, because of that whole spirit thing. I personally don’t know why Mako is so embarrassed and confused. It’s not like he was actually dating Asami. She kissed him! And he totally ran away from that. Besides, Asami didn’t even listen to him or think he was innocent of those crimes. What the hell? Regardless, it’s silly, and the faces everyone makes are pretty funny.

Because they don’t have the president’s help, they go to Varrick, who gives them his warship. They use that to get to the southern spirit portal, which is heavily guarded. What I don’t understand is why they didn’t go to the northern spirit portal. That one probably wouldn’t have been guarded, and it would have taken them to the same place! But whatever.

Korra and crew try an aerial assault, but everyone gets captured except Bumi. Bumi manages to get inside the encampment, steal a mech, rile up the spirits, destroy everything, and save everyone. Yay, Bumi! Finally getting his due! Take that, Tenzin!


The group goes through the portal and immediately fight Unalaq. Korra sends Tenzin to go find Jinora, and Mako and Bolin fight Unalaq. Korra attempts to close the portal, but she doesn’t manage it in time. Harmonic convergence sweeps the globe, and Vaatu is released. In the special hour-long finale, Korra will have to fight Unalaq and Vaatu, who will join together as one and create a dark avatar. Yikes.


This was definitely a fun episode to watch. There’s a ton of fun action, some silly romance problems, and there’s nothing like a life or death situation to really ratchet up the tension. Like I said, not sure why they didn’t just go to the northern spirit portal…I’m sure it would have been a lot easier to enter there, and they would have wasted less time.

Also, you’d think there’d be more weapons on Varrick’s battleship than just a plane and some bombs. And if you’re a water and ice bender, why not just tunnel beneath the ground, bypass all of the protections, and just put the opening right at the spirit portal? Then everyone could have entered without Unalaq and his guards even noticing. But then I guess we wouldn’t have had that ridiculous battle scene with Bolin hanging off of a plane throwing bombs at people.

So all-in-all, enjoyable, even if the plot had a few common sense holes in it.

Score: B+

New episodes air Fridays at 8 pm EST.

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