Kickstarter: Dropsy, an Open-World Adventure Starring a Clown


Warning: If you don’t like clowns you should probably turn around right now and go read another article.

Okay, clown people.

Dropsy is a Kickstarter by Jay Tholen that has actually had two previous Kickstarters, a successful one and an unsuccessful one. This final campaign has already raised the funds it needs to be successful, so the game will finally be completed. The reason for all these? The first one had a tiny goal of $255 for a software package. The second had a more ambitious goal, which was not met. This third and final one has the minimum goal for completing the game, with stretch goals instead of simply asking for it all at once. Jay hasn’t stopped working on the game since the initial 2011 Kickstarter. Watch the teaser trailer for the game:

I wasn’t kidding about the clown thing.

Dropsy is an open-world adventure game with an emphasis on surreal atmospheric elements and environmental storytelling. It extracts the humor and rich narratives from classic adventure games and places them into a unique exploration based framework. You guide Dropsy, a perpetually carefree clown (ex-clown to be precise) through a richly detailed world full of colorful characters and sinister secrets.


Despite his appearance of being a possibly creepy clown, Dropsy is actually very sweet and loving to everyone he comes across. The game is almost entirely text-free, with dialogue being done through pictures; Jay says that the purpose of this is to emphasize a main theme of the game: not belonging. It also allows the game to be played by virtually anyone. Dropsy, while unable to speak to people, is able to speak to animals. The plot revolves around a horrible circus accident and its aftermath. Dropsy is a bit different than your typical adventure game in that you can go almost anywhere in the world at the beginning, instead of parts of it being blocked off by a puzzle wall. I also really like that Jay says there won’t be game designer logic in the puzzles. Influences on the game include Twin PeaksEarthboundGrim FandangoMystThe Neverhood, shoegaze, 70s prog rock, roots/dub reggae, free jazz, theology, surrealism, and Scandinavian folklore. I’m all over this game, and can’t wait to play.

Like Dropsy on Facebook and follow him on Twitter. You can also follow Jay Tholen on Twitter and visit his official site. Back Dropsy now!


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