First Impressions/Mini Review – Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs (PC)

We received a code for this game a while back, but things got very busy for me and I was not able to get anything done around the time of this game’s release. However, the idea was posed to consider recording some gameplay of the game around the time of Halloween, and that’s exactly what I did! The video above was recorded on October 30, published to YouTube on October 31, and shows the first 80 or so minutes of the game.

If you want to see more, let me know and I may make a full series out of it.

Mini Review

Having never played the original game, Amnesia: The Dark Descent (2011), all the way through, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this game. I was told that the game differed a bit (in some good ways) from the original, mainly because it was done by a different group with a different goal in mind. Instead of being developed by Frictional Games, this one was designed by The Chinese Room, although Frictional Games did publish it. The game is also only loosely a sequel, taking place about sixty years after the original, and thus having played the original game isn’t paramount to enjoying this one.

This game is very narrative and story-driven, deriving its scares through a build up of tension and a very dark and disturbing atmosphere. While there are some direct elements of in-your-face horror, they are handled with care so as not to fall into becoming a cheap trick after a while. This game is anything but a one-trick pony, bringing you deep into the maddening tale of a man, his depression, his children and their fate, and the machines he builds, all while providing a gritty, real, and tense story set on New Year’s Eve in 1899 on a London estate and its factory grounds.

The game plays and does its job very well, drawing you into a game that you just don’t want to walk away from, even if it does make you uncomfortable to play at times. The only real drawback I found were that the controls were a bit iffy in places, especially when you had to pick up certain items or maneuver objects, and in a few places I encountered objects getting stuck in a way that I could not retrieve them without reloading an auto-save. Still, those occurrences were rather minor, and ultimately did not take away too much from the game.

If you like horror stories, particularly ones that are ultimately gritty, dark, and realistic, you should really pick this game up.

Score: A

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