Heavenly Sword to Get CG Animated Featured Film


They’re making a Heavenly Sword movie? Why wasn’t I told? Where is this coming from? Does this truly mean there will never be a sequel?


Heavenly Sword was the first game I played on the PS3, and it got me so hooked that when I lost access to my friend’s PS3, I had to go buy one JUST so I could finish playing it. Although it was often called “the female God of War,” I personally found it much more moving and artistic than GoW. It also featured my favorite use of the SIXAXIS controller, which was to control arrows and ballistas first person. It was immensely challenging at first, but once I got the hang of it, it became my favorite part of the game.


Ashi Chan and I at my first SDCC

Heavenly Sword is a CG animated film slated to be released digitally worldwide, as well as theatrically in select global markets, in the Spring of 2014. The film stars Anna Torv as Nariko, Alfred Molina as King Bohan, and Thomas Jane as Loki.

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