The Gaming Goddess Podcast – Season 4, Episode 3: Let’s Get Personal + Ouya

This episode of the podcast, recorded on October 25, 2013, brings Warren C. Bennett back onto the show. Warren, who has been a guest on every season of the show so far, discusses his journey over the past year or so from Arizona all the way to New York, talks about some of his personal journey therein, and discusses his budding writing career. He also shares with me some of his thoughts about the PlayStation 4, the 3DS, and his current enjoyment of the Ouya system.

Music in this episode was taken from Broken Sword, Baldur’s Gate II, and GameChops.

This episode is available for your enjoyment in MP3 format right here.

Be sure to follow Warren on Twitter (@warrencbennett) and check out his blog here.

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