The Legend of Korra Continues: Episode 6 Review

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To refresh everyone’s memories, the last episode ended with Korra being eaten by a giant, angry spirit. So that’s bad.

The most interesting thing about the episode was that there was almost no Korra. It was definitely interesting to get an episode about someone other than Korra. Basically, the whole episode was centered on following Mako in his quest to figure out who the hell attacked the Southern Water Tribe cultural building, and who’s attacking Varrick’s ships. The horrible thing about Varrick’s ships being stolen is that the items on the ships are all Asami’s company’s goods. As a result, her company is now on the verge of going under.

Because of testimony given by one of the people on the ships getting hijacked, Mako believes the bombing and the piracy are related. The sailor specifically said that the bombs used on the ship were odd, and seemed like they were remotely detonated. This is exactly how the bombs at the Southern Water Tribe cultural building were set off.


So Mako concocts a plan to ambush the pirates. He and Asami take out a ship, with the help of a criminal organization, and wait. But Mako overhears the criminals saying they just have to distract him a little longer. Asami and Mako race back to shore, to find that all of the rest of Asami’s goods have been stolen.

Dejected, Asami says she’s given up. But Mako refuses to give up. Aaaand then she kisses him. SCANDAL! Mako’s face was priceless after that. He pretty much just said, “Um. Yeah. I gotta go.”


He leaves her to go talk to Bolin, who has been staring in the war “movers” Varrick’s been making. Bolin pretty much ignores Mako, because Bolin’s head is getting really swollen by being a “star” in a “mover.” But while Mako is there, he watches a scene requiring explosions.

Explosions set off by the same remote detonator! Bum bum BUM! It’s Varrick! He’s the man trying to force a war for his own ends, and he’s attempting to take over Asami’s company! What a scallywag! Mako rushes to Asami’s place, but she’s already signed over the majority of her company to Varrick, basically meaning he’ll make all of the profits.

So obviously, Mako will have his hands full trying to prove it’s Varrick behind all of the bombings, especially because Beifong is annoyed at his attempts to be a detective. But this is great for him! He’s obviously still upset about breaking up with Korra, but I think it’s great that he’s concentrating on his career and doing the right thing. I know he’ll bring Varrick to justice!


Now for the other parts of the show. There were a couple of minutes revolving around Unalaq and his kids. In the scene, you see Unalaq coming out of the spirit world, demanding to know where Korra is. The twins tell him Korra is dead (which of course, as the audience, we know she’s not. I mean, the show is named after her!), and they tell him the spirits are out of control. He looks annoyed. It’s probably a good thing that he thinks Korra is dead, and it’s interesting that he can go into the spirit world. Other than that, there wasn’t anything too interesting about that part.

On to the ending of the episode, the only part with Korra in it. The ending shows her washed up and disheveled on a sandy beach. Three monks surround her, and she lashes out at them in fear, stumbling woozily. The monks assure her that they are only there to help her, and she responds in confusion. She’s completely forgotten who she is. Bum bum BUM!

I actually think her amnesia will probably turn out to be a good thing for her. Perhaps she’ll forget all of her arrogance and stubbornness too, and grow up a little bit! Again, I am cautiously optimistic about the next episode.

Score: A-

New episodes air Fridays at 7pm, EST.

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