Upcoming Mega Man Fan Game Series by Allahweh!

Mega Man Fan-Game - Series One

As quite a few of you know, 2013 has been a very big year for Mega Man fan-games. Mega Man Unlimited was one that was anticipated for around five years before its release, while Mega Man Revolution was another major game that really rivaled the content that Capcom has put into its own franchise. This year also saw the release of Mega Man: Rock Force. Although it didn’t get nearly as much publicity as the other two, Mega Man: Rock Force was a game that really shone on its own merits. But there are plenty of other major titles out there that really deserve some attention, and certainly more than they have gotten so far.

Pretty soon, I will be kicking off an eight-video (potentially broken into multiple streams per video depending on timing) series that will focus on eight specific fangames, some you are likely very much aware of, and others that you may never have heard of (with Rockmen R: Dr. Wily’s Counterattack existing between the world of official and fan-made, based on its unique status in Japan as a paid-for PC game). Some of these games might be better than others, but all of them in this round of games are good and stand on their own right. Later, when I do a second series on different games, I may make a point of including some that are mediocre at best or awful at worst, mainly so you can see the diversity of fan content out there and get a good laugh with me at just how bad some of the games are!

So, keep your eyes peeled here, on Twitter, and on my Twitch page and stay tuned! Also, follow me on Twitch if you don’t already so that you’ll get notifications of  upcoming and ongoing streams!


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