5 Halloween Costume Ideas for Geek Couples

This is Halloween, this is Halloween!
Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!

No, seriously, it’s really on it’s way! And I know that many of you are thinking, “Shit! I waited until the very last minute AGAIN? What the hell am I gonna dress up as?!” Well, have no fear! [cue superhero music] I’m here to help the couples!

1. Jack and Sally from The Nightmare before Christmas

How could you not want to be them? It’s fitting, spooky, AND romantic! Triple threat!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

2. Link and Zelda

Everyone does the traditional green tunic Link with the pretty Zelda. I see it all the time, anywhere people dress in costumes. However, what I DON’T see is people adding a new twist! For example, check out the Light and Dark options for Link & Zelda! Personally, I’d go with the creepy twist. ‘Tis the season, y’all, so go buy black body paint and don’t be afraid to step out of the box a little!

Hey, Listen!

3. Commander Shepard and Morinth

Okay, I’ll admit, more than anything I wanted to put down Femshep and Garrus, but in the spirit of Halloween I decided to go with something I don’t often see. So, here we have Samara’s daughter, the ardat yakshi Morinth, and Commander Shepard. Besides, we all love the walking dead, don’t we? Just remember…no “embracing eternity,” and you’ll be fine.

Embrace Eternity!

4. Team Rocket

EVERYONE loves Team Rocket. And by everyone, I mean everyone excluding myself. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate the cuteness of it all, but it’s never fully grabbed my attention. With that said, these two screw-ups are totally bananas for each other and they go together like Ash and Pikachu, so how could you NOT want to be them? =D

Oh, and you could give this bad-ass speech EVERYTIME you walk into a party or new room!

“You get no candy – you only get tricks.
Come one, come all, you Zombies and Witches – it’s time for you to receive your riches.
Let’s give everyone an education on how to party hard without hesitation.
Headless Horseman
Screaming Ghouls
Team Rocket is ready to turn on the fright!
Surrender now, you’re in for a long night!
We’re here to please and delight!”

Team Rocket!

5. Sephiroth and Aerith

Nothing says Halloween like murdering a beautiful flower girl in the middle of the street to scare the shit out of little kids, can I get an amen? For those of us who love FFVII, we see the irony in it, and we love it! For those who don’t know…you’re about to get an eyeful, and it’s definitely the right time of year to get your spooky on and let your psycho flag fly!

No! Not again!

3 thoughts on “5 Halloween Costume Ideas for Geek Couples

  1. I’m more of a Garrus girl myself, but those Morinth and ManShep costumes are awesome. And I love that it’s the face modle and the voice actor for the respective characters!

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