The Gaming Goddess Podcast – Season 4, Episode 1: Live Streamin’ and Fan Gamin’

The podcast returns after a four month hiatus, kicking off season four with this episode, recorded on October 2, 2013!

On this episode of the show, I talk a bit about what I’ve been up to since season three ended in early June, discuss some of my ongoing projects and upcoming plans (including all the livestreaming I’ve been doing), mention some of my plans for this season of the show, and also talk about some of the fangames that have recently released that I’ve really enjoyed. I even put in a request for you all to tell me any Zelda or Mega Man fangames you want me to play and to tell me about any indie games you might want to promote with me.

The first two musical tracks are from “Rokku Chan” (remixed by awesome artists on GameChops) and the closing score is from “Act II: The Father of Death” by the Protomen.

Also, I want to thank the ever-awesome Aristeia for working on a new logo for this season of the podcast! It’s great!

All episodes are now hosted on Google Drive, and you can find this one right here.

For more podcasts, livestreams, videos, and gaming goodies, please visit my site, Gaming Goddess.

I also really encourage you to check out these great affiliates of mine! Random Thoughts for Random Times and StratxGaming.

Tell us what you think!

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