Go Watch Zelda: Isle of the Winds (Segment 6)!

After a lot of frustration in the previous segment, I looked up some videos put out by this fangame’s original creator and found out a few things that were very helpful for me. So, in this latest stream, I put some of that to use!

Realizing that Dungeon 6 was a bit out of our league for the moment, I go back out into the overworld, get some super bombs, open up the first “bonus dungeon” (you’ll recall we found the location of Dungeon C in a previous stream), Dungeon A, and make my way through it. It isn’t actually that difficult, although it is a bit maze-like in places. Instead of offering a heart container and a triforce piece, the dungeon’s boss yields a hammer, which grants us access to places we couldn’t reach before.

What else does the hammer do? Well, it actually kicks ass pretty well! The attack level of the hammer seems equal to a level 3 sword, and since we can’t get that sword just yet, the hammer is actually a formidable weapon with a decent attack radius.

After getting another heart piece out in the overworld (in the cemetery on Death Island), we head back into Dungeon 6 and, using knowledge I gained from the game’s creator, we manage to find the lens of truth. After some guessing, we also find the cross (which reveals hidden enemies). However, I get extremely frustrated in the area that yields the boss key because of insane collision physics with the “pits” (essentially warp tiles that bring you back to the dungeon’s entrance), and the fact that the secret passage isn’t centered with the door frame (a very annoying problem that required me to pause the stream to look up and see what I was doing wrong – which was nothing, it was the game’s fault).

Since Dungeon 6 was completed, we are free to do a little more exploring before continuing on to the next dungeon (which hopefully doesn’t suck like this one did!).

The stream was broken into two parts:  Segment 6A and Segment 6B.

I’ll eventually have all of these edited into an “Extra Long Play” video. In the meantime, stay tuned for future sessions!

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