Comic Review: Sex Criminals Issue #1

Matt Fraction, confound it, you’ve done it again!

I’ve only just finished the first issue, Suzie Down in the Quiet, and I can tell that Sex Criminals is going to be dually refreshing and exhilarating. Plus, of course, carrying a healthy dose of Fraction’s whip-like sense of humor.

With a delightfully disorienting opening, Suzie Down in the Quiet is an emotional-yet-funny introduction to the main players, Suzie and Jon, who come together because of the discovery that they have the same inherent talent for altering time.

How do they stop/alter time? In the most amazing/perplexing/mind-blowing way possible: orgasm.

Or shall I say, post-orgasm, because that is when they both experience the “Quiet.”

Now, don’t go thinking that this comic is tasteless. It approaches sex in, yes an unusual way, but also in a smart, complicated, and downright refreshing way. Suzie, for example, isn’t objectified, but empowered in the embracing of her strange gift and, also, NOT sex crazy (which isn’t a bad thing for anyone, granted that they are responsible and emotionally stable). Plus, she’s funny as hell, with an obvious, intense intelligence – not to mention admirably honest.

Jon, too, isn’t a sex-driven meathead, but bright, hilarious and inventive. I’m looking forward to his character being explored more as the comic rolls along.

I CANNOT wait to dive into the next issue of Sex Criminals. Matt Fraction brings the same jealousy-fit-inducing genius to the story as he brought to Hawkeye. Chip Zdarsky does an exceptional job as the main artist, to the point that I just stared at the pictures long after I read the text.

This…this comic could potentially be perfect. It’s WAY to early to call it, but I can hardly stop dancing with glee to find out. Get it here.

Grade: A

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