Comic Review: The Halloween Legion

The Halloween Legion was written by Martin Powell with art by Diana Leto. Now this is very much an “all ages” comic, and is a very cute Halloween story for kids. Even with being directed more towards a younger crowd, it was still a good story. I was impressed with the opening dedication Powell made to Ray Bradbury. I figured anyone who mentions Ray Bradbury should have a firm grasp on storytelling.

The Halloween Legion is a very charming story. It reminded me of the nice Halloween stories I read as a kid, but a little more creative. This group of rag-tag heroes consists of an orphaned teenage girl named Molly, who happens to be a fire elemental; a skeleton-man with a big heart and the power to “cheat the grave;” Grimalkin the Witch, who is an enchantress and the last of her kind; a friendly ghost named Freddy; and Autumn the black cat, who knows better than anyone else. This group is here to save Woodland from an alien invasion!

Now when was the last time you heard of a Halloween story with a ghost, a witch…and aliens?! I was a bit taken aback, but they did make it work. There is a bit of a twist with these goblin-like aliens, but I won’t reveal all that. Molly and her team are all misunderstood, but still do whatever they can to help the people of the town they live in. This story does have some lessons in it, like accepting people the way they are, supporting your family and friends, and helping those in need even if they turn away from you. Those are all lessons we try to teach kids, but I also think those are lessons even adults need to remember sometimes.

The art in this trade is just as delightful as the story, and I think it fits the “all-ages” theme. The characters in the story are so easily lovable. I think this is a great story for Halloween, and it’s definitely worth a buy, especially if you have kids or for any Halloween lover out there. You can find it on sale in your local bookstore or comic shop on 9/11 or buy it online from Dark Horse.

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