Espionage Cosmetics “NAILED IT!” Kickstarter

Espionage Cosmetics is a company aimed at us, geek ladies:

Espionage Cosmetics is the brainchild of a certified MUD professional make-up artist and a gun-totin’ smokin’ hot Staff Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps stationed in Iwakuni, Japan. From across the world, these ladies assembled a team of make-up minions with backgrounds in photography, film, and of course, utter fabulousness to bring you the nerdiest, hottest and most amazing cosmetic colors you could ever hope to find.

They feature some wonderfully bright cosmetics with geeky names to boot (and you can check those out on their site). What’s next? Geeky nail wraps! Espionage created a Kickstarter earlier this month hoping to bring us geeky nail wraps and they met their goal. In fact, they surpassed it, and released additional designs. The Kickstarter is still going strong, and there are more designs that could be unlocked if they get more funding.

Nerdy but Flirty was lucky enough to receive some prototypes to try out:


If you’ve ever used nail wraps/stickers before, these work exactly the way the rest do. You remove the top transparent protector, peel the wrap off the backing, line them up with your nail, then file away the leftover. I adored both the nebula and tentacle nail wraps immediately, but decided to try the tentacle nail wraps first (I have plans to wear the nebula nails during PAX Prime):

espionage-nails3 espionage-nails1

The color and quality of the wraps are fantastic. I’m not sure if you can tell from the photos, but I have relatively small nails. I have to cut all nail wraps to better fit my nail beds, so these were no exception. But it was easy as pie and I made them fit my unusually small nails. 🙂 I rushed a little bit too much, so you can see some areas that I flubbed up a bit, but that is all on my end.

It’s now three days later, and the nail wraps are still intact and are as lovely as ever!

I am thrilled that Espionage Cosmetics is fully-funded, but after trying the wraps myself, I feel hungry for more! I hope they get even more funding so they can release more designs.

Check out the current designs below. Support Espionage Cosmetics through the Kickstarter right here.

espionage-nails-blood espionage-nails-nebula espionage-nails-turtles espionage-nails-tentacle


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