Dressing Chic without Losing the Geek

This is a guest post by Leigh Wendinger.

Years ago, geeks were forced to hide behind false interests and expressions for fear of being scrutinized for their true passions. Well, times are changing – and so are trends, for that matter. “Geek chic” has not only stumbled onto the fashion radar, it has blown other trends out of the water. Being “geek chic” is quite possibly the largest oxymoron in fashion to date, but it sure has proved to be a dominant style choice for individuals of all ages.

The term “geek chic” embodies a relatively new trend that combines geek culture and fashion – who would have guessed? However, there is an art to it that makes the style cohesive. After all, the goal is to be chic, but still proudly display the geek!


The key to dressing like a hot nerd is to represent a unique style – generally a mixture of various trends (emo, goth, preppy, urban, indie, hippie, vintage, etc.) – without becoming too trendy. Throwing in a blend of classy and nerdy clothes can help target that desired medium. To achieve this goal, mix and match clothing that is not generally worn together, such as skinny jeans and a dressy shirt or blouse.

One thing that will help to proudly display the geek in you is to wear clothes that portray funny jokes from movies, comic books, sci-fi films, anime, or video games, because most of those geek imposters won’t have a clue what it means!

With geek chic, it is important to remember one thing – anything goes! It’s okay to mix colors, hues, patterns, and it’s definitely acceptable to layer! Just when you thought sweater vests would never make a comeback, they’re not only back, but the argyle, button-up vests are to die for!


Now, if you’re thinking that you”ll have to go shopping just to look cool, you’re wrong! Some of the best combinations come from what is buried deep in the closet. Pull out those vintage outfits you swore you would never wear again and pair them with some skinny cropped jeans and some Oxford shoes. Try on your old pleated skirts and find some printed fashion tees to go under those fun suspenders you’ve been dying to wear. Now find some knee-high socks, a pair of converse sneakers, and prepare to accessorize.

Accessories are where you can convert a stylish look into a fabulous one. Again, you must remind yourself that anything goes – including pocket protectors! Yes, the majority of us probably made fun of the nerds on Saved by the Bell who never left home without their pocket protectors, but regardless, they’re back and they’re (gasp) cool!

Throw on some lipstick, a pair of leggings, some homemade-and-nerdy earrings or necklaces, or even venture out to find some of the crazy belt buckles Howard has made famous on The Big Bang Theory. Don’t forget to add the staple of your outfit – the ever-popular, dark-rimmed “nerd” glasses! They come in both prescription and non-prescription, and help bring out the polished geek in us all.


Not only can you dress chic, but you can proudly represent the nerdy side you have hidden for years. Congratulations, you are not only dorky, but cool. May the geek be with you!

Leigh Wendinger is a writer and geek chic fashion enthusiast for T-Shirts.com. She is constantly catching up on the latest pop culture news and attempting to teach her friends how to be cool – which, unfortunately, is a process almost worth giving up on!

One thought on “Dressing Chic without Losing the Geek

  1. What makes me a real geek is not actually having a clue what any of that means! My clothes just kind of fall out of the wardrobe and arrive on me looking rather surprised.

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