#GeekWeek Hangout: Video Game Cliffnotes

Jess, Pamela, Kelsey, Joanne, and I got together for an informal little Hangout on Google+ the other day to talk about our thoughts on #GeekWeek and to try out a new idea I was messing around with: the idea of providing the “cliffnotes” on classic games for people who’ve never played them.

We discussed Legend of Zelda, Monkey Island, and Street Fighter, with important lessons like “Zelda is the girl,” “Who’s that little dinosaur?” and “Naggy. Her name should be Naggy.” We forgot to discuss the difference between Shoryuken and Hadouken, but we’ll save that for another time…

Video Game Cliffnotes is something we’re thinking about making a real “thing,” so let us know in the comments if there is a classic game for which you’d like the cliffnotes!

Tell us what you think!

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