Catch Up on Zelda: Isle of the Winds with Segments 2 and 3!

I was really excited about continuing with this awesome Zelda Classic fan-game I started on earlier this week, so on Friday, I sat down and had two gaming sessions, totaling nearly four-and-a-half hours between them!

In the first segment, I follow the fairy’s advice and head to Snow Island, located in the northern half of the map.  The island itself isn’t all that tricky, and finding the dungeon isn’t that bad, but things get pretty hectic inside. It’s very obvious that we are under-powered at this point, and with rooms full of Darknuts and only five heart containers, we start racking up the deaths. So, I opt to leave the dungeon only partially-explored and go out into the open world to see what we can find instead…with mixed results and a fair bit of frustration.

In the next segment, recorded late at night (and technically into the early morning), I return with a bit of knowledge I gained online. Apparently, the Level 2 Sword is located on Waterfall Island in a special area with a triforce on the ground, so using the whistle opens a ladder to a cave with a guy who gives us an upgraded weapon. We also use a super bomb on a skull on Town Island to get the first of the two bomb upgrades. The new weapon proves its mettle on our return trip to the third dungeon, and there we get the power gloves and a magical rod. The rod proves useful for opening special crystal switches, and we use this to open a couple caves in the open world to get some magic upgrades. The fourth dungeon ends up being located in the swamp, and there we get the very useful stepladder and the possibly even more useful Blue Mail (which reduces incoming damage by half!). Once that dungeon is out of the way, we use the ladder to reach some more upgrades – including the second of the two bomb upgrades (giving us a total of sixteen regular bombs and four super bombs) and another heart container – and access to the fifth dungeon (on Waterfall Island), where we leave things off until the next segment.

Hopefully you guys are having a lot of fun watching, and I look forward to picking up with the next dungeon soon!

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