Check Out Zelda: Isle of the Winds (Part 1) on Twitch!

For a while, I had been tossing around the idea of doing a new show that focused on the plethora of fangames out there that have been designed with the wonderful Zelda Classic program – a great tool designed by Armageddon Games that can be used for Zelda and non-Zelda games, created in 1999 or so. ZC is a program with which to make 2D action/adventure/RPG titles, and there are quite a few games out there that deviate strongly from the tried-and-true NES-style Zelda formula. And while I am going to be starting to broadcast some of the top-rated games on the main Quest Database, I may at some point show the absolutely terrible ones too!

First, I will be doing a complete playthrough of one of the top-rated games on the site (tied with a few others at first place) called The Legend of Zelda: Isle of the Winds. This game was designed by DarkFlameWolf and was originally released way back in July of 2004, but it has received constant updates and improvements, with the latest one being from May 2011. This game is essentially a loose sequel to Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass, and takes you on a journey across a rather large oceanic world looking to reclaim the Triforce and stop Ganon’s revival once more (perhaps the Triforce split and vanished for a while after the wish at the end of WW?). It is a very challenging game, as you will see, and very well-designed. It’s an awful lot of fun!

I plan to play through it in sections live on Twitch, and when the game is finished, I will take all of the segments and put them together in an extended, edited video for YouTube. So it’s possible that the final edited version will be 8-10 hours or more, but with the way the site is set up now (if you are logged in, it remembers the last portion of a video you saw), it really doesn’t matter and people will be able to just watch whatever parts they want, or watch it in segments and return to it later until they see the end. And that will make editing easier on me anyway!

I streamed the first part on the evening of July 29-30-, 2013, and you can view that right here by following this link.

Follow me on Twitch if you don’t yet, and stay tuned!

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